We are a carefully selected group of thinkers, who look past quick fixes to craft tangible solutions. We’re not a blunt object, but a precise and determined instrument. We relax over a (mostly) friendly game of ping pong, or watching soccer at a local pub. We are a different kind of shopper marketing agency, with an unexpected point of view. We shun normal and embrace different, and have more than a little fun while we’re at it.

TWINOAKS was recognized by The Hub Magazine as a 2015 Top 20 shopper marketing agency

Think beyond the purchase

Effective shopper marketing creates meaningful connections and experiences with shoppers. It’s more than transactional. It changes shopper behavior and has long-term impact on purchase intent and habit. We create solutions to instill lasting relationships between shopper and brand. Our job is not only to know the shopper, but also to connect with her in an actionable, ownable and compelling way by translating brand communications into real reasons to buy.

Our team is an intentional blend of retail and brand experience, providing a unique mix of insight and understanding, allowing us to create strategic and innovative shopper marketing programs for both brand and retail. We’re an ideas agency with the power of retailer expertise.


  1. Do the right thing
  2. Take risks, fail fast, learn faster
  3. Unlock the power of "unexpected"
  4. Architect experience at every intersection
  5. Embrace Wrong thinking
  6. Own your success and defeat
  7. Play each day with something to prove
  8. Be a magnet, not a mirror
  9. Assume nothing, question everything
  10. Heighten your awareness
  11. Tell great stories
  12. Lead with a servant's heart