Sampling drives purchase, but is expensive and short-lived. For the first time ever in the wine category, shoppers can try a non-alcoholic sample any time of day, right where we can influence purchase. Hear more

When you go to a holiday party, whatever you bring says something about you. You don't want the dip that has two bites taken out and still has a broken chip in it. You want the dip that looks like the dog has licked the bowl clean.

She's balancing family, career, home and savors that "me time" to unwind and refresh, which is often accompanied by a glass of wine. Summer is the perfect time to get away from the craziness of life and escape.

To get shoppers to pay attention to a commodity product in a category that's crowded with brand benefits, give them a reason to stop, pay attention and interact with product.

Welcome to the Republic. We’ve put out heart and soul into creating a bold, award winning tequila that satisfies the needs of our rich land. Cut us and we’ll bleed Texas. We are real, straightforward and glad you’re here.